Sat, Feb

Big health bill will cause big problems

Letters to the Editor

Is this health bill really the one we need? Is it really good for America? That is the real question. If you are for or against this bill, that is your right. If you try long enough and give out enough deals you are bound to come out OK. It’s like giving a little child a present if they will do what you want them to.

The government has taken over banks, automakers and the health plan in just over a year. What will it be like when the four years are up? China owns most of America now. I’m tired of the government taking over, because I can see socialism coming on real fast.

I can see the medical care we get going down real fast now. Can we get in when we have to at a hospital or doctor’s office now? What about the big bills we get at the hospital? That is one reason the insurance companies have to charge so much for you to get care. They are in business to make money just like everyone else. Look at the whole situation, not just in one place.

We who are up in years won’t live long enough to see much of this. But the young people will suffer trying to pay for this big bill. I feel sorry for the young people and always back them in cases like this.

All I can tell them if you don’t like this bill that you will have to pay for, remember November will be coming up. In case you are wondering, I just had to get my own insurance. I live from one payday to the next just like most of you.

People will be fined if they don’t get insurance. If they had a job and money they would have had insurance to begin with. How stupid can the government get? They also have taken funds from Medicare to pay for this. This isn’t very smart either, since the seniors will suffer. Also they want to take from the rich and give to other people. This goes too far when the government runs our money and our lives, but it doesn’t stop us from paying for abortion.

I live by what the Bible says; I see it being fulfilled real fast. We need a big blessing from the Lord.

— Lavone Turnipseed

Camp Verde