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Press Release Submission

Press releases form a significant portion community newspaper content in addition to bylined stories written by staff reporters and photos taken by staff photojournalists.


A newspaper runs on photos. Photos anchor a page and draw readers to the stories on press releases on the page. Make sure your photos are bigger than 1 megabyte at least. Small photos may look OK on your computer screen but are too small for us to print.

Press releases should be written in such a way that that they can be published with only a minimal amount of copy editing. If a press release is particularly interesting, reporters may "kill" a press release and instead write a story using the content therein as a foundation, while also contacting the people who sent the release and others that the press release may have omitted or who have opposing viewpoints, if applicable. Provide plenty of details so that the release can stand alone and interest readers or be interesting enough to pique a reporter or editor's interest in expanding the release into a featured news story.

Press releases are published as a free service for our community.

Basic Advice

• Press releases are published as a free service for our community.

• Press releases must be written in complete sentences, listing the who, what, when and where of the event. Include a brief biography, such as for a featured speaker; and/or the history or mission statement of an event or organization, such as for an annual event or a nonprofit organization.

• For fundraisers, please indicate what or whom the proceeds benefit. List the full, formal title of individuals referred to or quoted in the release.

• Press releases must include the event, location, including street address, time and a contact phone number for publication. Releases without this information will not be published.

• Submitted photos should properly identify the photographer, if applicable, and all the individuals in the photo. Double check names to avoid spelling errors.

• Send photos that are huge, as large as they appear fresh of your camera, i.e., at least 1 megabyte or bigger. If you download photos from a website, they are likely too small for us to use. If the photo on screen is smaller than your hand, it's too small. If the photo is measured in kilobytes, aka "kb" not megabytes, "mb" it is too small.

• The best digital format is a jpg, jpeg or gif file. We cannot guarantee that submitted photographs will be returned.

• The deadline is Thursday at 5 p.m.

• Submissions made after deadline cannot be considered for publication in that issue.

• Send information by e-mail to editor@larsonnewspapers.com, subject: "Press Release," followed by a brief name of the event and a suggested publication date for the release.

• Publication date can not be guaranteed.

• Send the release in the main body of the e-mail, not an attachment.

All press releases are edited for space and content. We reserve the right to edit any release for space, style, content and good taste.

• Copyrighted text and photos to which you do not own the copyright will not published. You must send express written permission from the copyright holder demonstrating you have their permission to send out copyrighted material. Repeated attempts to submit material in violation of another's copyright will not be tolerated. You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from any claim resulting from publications or use of copyrighted submitted photos or text.

• Do not write in all caps.

Press release example:

Contact: Jane Doe or John Doe
phone (928) 623-1000 or (928) 300-1000, cell phone
Please publish on or before Jan. 20th

Suggested headline: John Doe hosts gathering
John Doe will host a community gathering on Monday, Jan. 31, starting at 5 p.m. The gathering takes place at the Cottonwood Gathering Place, 100 Cottonwood Drive, Cottonwood.
Cottonwood and Verde Valley residents who like to gather are welcome to gather.
Non-gatherers are also welcome as they may learn to enjoy gatherings.
Doe earned a degree in gathering from the University of Arizona in 1989. He started gathering people for gatherings in 1996. Doe moved to
Cottonwood in 2001 and starting gathering people for gatherings in 2003. He has held 30 such gatherings and trains people in gathering.
For more information, call (928) 567-1000.

Early deadlines:

For the six federal holidays, Larson Newspapers is closed. All deadlines the move up one business day to early deadlines, so all copy, classifieds and advertising deadlines must be delivered 24 hours earlier than normal. Please plan accordingly.
• New Year's Day (Jan. 1, or the preceding Friday if Jan. 1 is a Saturday, or the following Monday if Jan. 1 is a Sunday)
• Memorial Day (the last Monday in May)
• Labor Day (first Monday in September)
• Independence Day (July 4, or the preceding Friday if July 4 is a Saturday, or the following Monday if July 4 is a Sunday)
• Thanksgiving Day (the fourth Thursday of November)
• Christmas Day (Dec. 25, or the preceding Friday if Dec. 25 is a Saturday, or the following Monday if Dec. 25 is a Sunday)

We do not take off Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents Day [Washington's Birthday], Columbus Day nor Veterans Day.


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