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Print Votes in for winter sports best athletes
Written by Brian Bergner   
Wednesday, 16 March 2011 00:00

By Brian Bergner Jr.

Larson Newspapers

Although spring sports are in full swing, the votes are in from around the Verde Valley for All-Region, All-Section and All-State award winners for winter sports at the local high schools.

The Cowboys

Junior Lila Hickey was selected by 2A Central Region coaches as the 2010-2011 player of the year. Hickey was also a first team All-Region performer for the Camp Verde High School girls basketball team that finished 26-4 overall this winter.At Camp Verde High School, the Cowboys had great success this past winter season with the basketball and wrestling teams having several individuals recognized for their efforts.

In girls basketball, the 26-4 Cowboys finished the season with a loss in the second round of the 2A conference state tournament.

Junior center Lila Hickey was nominated for the 2A Central Region MVP award, her first as a Cowboy. As a junior, Hickey is certainly capable of winning another MVP award her senior season in 2011-2012.

Hickey also got first team All-Region along with sophomores Amanda Showers, Donnie Buss and Katie Wilson. Tori Mathews received honorable mention.

In wrestling, the Cowboys had several nominations beginning with first team All-Section I award winners Heath Carroll [130 pounds] and Roman Bux [135 pounds].

Receiving second team All-Section I awards for the Camp Verde wrestling program were Michael Cassillas [103 pounds], Isaiah McReynolds [112 pounds] and Alex Anzar [140 pounds]. Derrick Brown  [119 pounds] received honorable mention.

Bux also received a second team All-State [Division IV] award while McReynolds and Brown each got All-State honorable mentions.

The Marauders

Mingus Union High School senior Mike Rebstein, left, was nominated by all 4A-II Grand Canyon Region coaches as a first team All-Region performer in 2010-2011.Over in Cottonwood, the Mingus Union High School athletic program had several student athletes win awards this past winter.

In girls basketball, senior point guard Kayla Storie earned a first team All-Region [4A-II Grand Canyon Region] award while Angel Chavez got second team All-Region and Shaylene Martinez received honorable mention.

As for the boys basketball team, seniors Carson Sandoval and Eric Quesada were honored with second team All-Region nominations while Jose Gonzalez received honorable mention votes.

On the soccer field, the Marauders boys program had Mike Rebstein and Todd Runyan voted onto the first team All-Region award list while Austin Strobel, Williams Dominguez and Alex Contreres received second team All-Region votes. Jonathan Witt was awarded with an honorable mention.

The Mingus girls soccer team was perhaps given the most awards of any team in the Verde Valley this past winter.

Mingus finished the season with a 17-4 record and lost 1-0 to Flagstaff High School in the 4A-II state semifinals. Flagstaff eventually went on to win the state championship.

The Marauders did claim their second straight Grand Canyon Region title.

Beginning with the All-Region awards, junior Torey Braly was the unanimous choice for Grand Canyon Region player of the year. She was also nominated by the coaches association as the 4A-II All-State player of the year.

Braly scored an impressive 39 goals this season, shattering the school record in 2010-2011. There’s no telling how far Braly will go her senior season in 2011-2012.

Receiving first team All-Region awards for the Mingus girls were Braly, Mckenzie Mabery and Anna Guerrero while second team All-Region nominations were awarded to Courtlin Sandoval, Alex Pee and Courtney Hageman. Honorable mention was awarded to Allyn Backus.

Braly, Mabery, and Guerrero received first team All-State awards as well while Sandoval, Hageman and Pee were second team All-State award winners.

In wrestling, first-year Mingus Head Coach Klint Mckean reported eight All-Section I and four All-State [Division III] awards for his Marauders.

Receiving first team All-Section I votes were Hank Goettl [130 pounds], Logan Addis [145 pounds], Brandon Morales [160 pounds] and Matt Chavez [215 pounds].

Second team All-Section I for Mingus included Dillon Lightfoot [135 pounds], Braxton Luttrell [140 pounds] and Justin Zaske [152 pounds]. Pal Scott [103 pounds] received honorable mention.

In the All-State category, Addis received a first team award while Cody Heflin [119 pounds] and Goettl received second team All-State awards. Luttrell received honorable mention.

The Scorpions

The Sedona Red Rock High School athletics program had all four teams qualify for their respective state tournaments this past winter and the players were rewarded for it.

In girls basketball, the Scorpions finished the season with a first round exit in the 3A conference state playoffs, finishing 2011-2012 with a 13-14 overall record under first-year Head Coach Tina Hawes.

The Scorpions received a few nominations for awards in the 3A West Region with sophomore Sierra Hatler getting the nod for first team All-Region.

Twin sister Tiana Hatler was awarded a second team All-Region nomination and freshman Morgan Hawes and junior Ashley Haas received honorable mention.

In boys basketball, junior center J.R. Henry averaged 12 points and 11 rebounds per game in 2010-2011, good enough to earn a spot on the All-Region first team in the West.

Senior Troy Loparco also averaged a double-double this season for the Scorpions, and was awarded with a second team All-Region nomination. Senior Blake Barker wasn’t left out of the conversation either as he was awarded with honorable mention.

In girls soccer, senior Sarah Schlener received the most votes and was named 1A-3A North Region player of the year.

Emma Kukulski, Rachel Cook and Marissa Surber were all nominated and received first team All-Region awards while Jillian Bradshaw received honorable mention.

Cook was awarded first team All-State by The Arizona Republic in the 1A-3A

conference while Kukulski and Surber each received honorable mention.