Print Sadly, life’s grand adventures must eventually conclude
Written by Trista Steers MacVittie   
Thursday, 11 April 2013 15:06

Nearly seven years ago, I boarded an airplane to Arizona, somewhere I had never been, without the faintest idea my life would be forever changed.

One day and an interview later, I accepted the Sedona Red Rock News city reporter position with Larson Newspapers.

Larson Newspapers Managing Editor Trista Steers MacVittieI coincidently knew one person in the area, another reporter who graduated from my journalism school a year ahead of me, but she was the only familiar face.

Three weeks after the interview, I packed up my car in Montana, and my dad and I made the trek south for what would become the beginning of a great adventure.

I immediately fell in love with Northern Arizona, as so many of us do, and knew I would enjoy the time I planned to live here, which was no longer than two or three years.

Most young journalists accept starter jobs at small newspapers with the idea of moving on after a couple of years, and I was no different.

However, I quickly moved up the ladder at Larson Newspapers becoming assistant managing editor after a year and eventually taking over as managing editor almost four years ago.

While advancement and finding a home at Larson Newspapers made leaving out of the question, I’ll be honest, meeting my husband, who was rooted in the Verde Valley, was the final and strongest hold this place put on me.

During my time in the area I’ve built strong relationships with many community leaders and residents getting to know their stories, sharing them with others and helping create an informed community.

I’ve had the opportunity to fulfill my childhood dream and once sole career goal — to be the editor of a small-town newspaper.

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my husband and family, and one guy who took a chance on a young professional placing his livelihood in her hands.  I will forever be grateful to Publisher Bob Larson for recognizing my potential, giving me the space and freedom to realize it, and mentoring me along the way.

Sadly, this part of my adventure comes to a close Friday, April 12, as I bid farewell to the newspaper stepping down as managing editor of Larson Newspapers.

It’s been a successful journey, and now it’s time for me to start down a new path.

I won’t be leaving the community. I’m just moving down the road to Verde Valley Medical Center where I’ve accepted the position of marketing services manager with Northern Arizona Healthcare.

I want to the thank those of you who have supported me and those of you who have challenged me. An engaged readership helps us create an informed community, and I couldn’t have done it without you.