Print New marshal needs to be open with the press & community
Written by Trista Steers MacVittie   
Friday, 06 January 2012 00:00

As the Town of Camp Verde picks its new leader of the Camp Verde Marshal’s Office, there are a few things we, the press and the public, would like to see in a new marshal.

Luckily, Camp Verde isn’t know as a crime-ridden community, but it’s also not completely free of wrongdoing.

So, when something newsworthy does happen in the normally quiet town, we’d like to be alerted to it and given information in a timely matter.

If a criminal is on the loose, it’s in everyone’s best interests for the press to be notified immediately and given as much information as possible without compromising the investigation.

Spreading the word protects the community at large and often helps police officers locate suspects.

If a crime occurs and a criminal is not roaming the streets, it’s just as important to inform the public.

If a disturbance is noticed and gossip begins to circulate, it’s important for facts to be presented. There is no need for people to fear a criminal on the run if there isn’t anyone CVMO is looking for.

Camp Verde also needs a town marshal who understands and appreciates the press and public’s right to information. It would be nice if the marshal’s idea of providing such information “in a timely manner” aligned closely with what we deem reasonable.

The new marshal also needs to became a member of the community and be available to the residents he or she serves.

He or she must to be comfortable serving as the face of the agency in the public eye during both times of triumph and times of uncertainty.

The marshal also needs to lead his or her team of deputies by setting a good example. A strong department relies on the top cop setting standards and ensuring everyone adheres to them.

Camp Verde Town Manager Russ Martin said the new chief will be announced in early January. As of press time, he had not made his decision.

The Camp Verde Journal staff welcomes whomever he chooses and looks forward to developing a positive working relationship with the new marshal.