Print Verde Villages dogs die from poisoning by tainted bones
Written by Mark Lineberger   
Monday, 20 August 2012 00:00

The Verde Villages Property Owners Association is warning residents to be wary when letting their animals loose.

President Margaret Paddock said that there has been an increase in people deliberately setting out poison to kill or injure dogs.

The sun-dappled trails along the Verde River in Verde Village offer an attractive place to play with dogs, but Verde Village Property Owners Association President Margaret Paddock is warning people to keep their dogs on a leash. Paddock was informed by Comanche Drive residents in late July of neighborhood dogs who died after eating antifreeze-soaked bones left in boxes along the river.A couple of dogs have already died or been injured, Paddock said.

The perpetrators have been setting out bones, something most dogs have an interest in, soaked in antifreeze.

“It’s horrible,” Paddock said.

Speculating on motives, Paddock said that some people might be upset with others who let their animals off leash to run wild.

“If they were kept on leashes, this wouldn’t happen,” Paddock said.

One owner had to send her animals to a local veterinarian for treatment, Paddock said.

The river area is particularly potentially dangerous, Paddock said, with someone leaving boxes of the poisoned-soaked bones out in the open.

Paddock said she suspects whoever is responsible might also be concerned about coyotes running around the area.

For the full story, see the Wednesday, Aug. 15, edition of the Cottonwood Journal Extra.