Print Judicial changes in Proposition 115 explained
Written by Christopher Fox Graham   
Tuesday, 16 October 2012 00:00

As voters go to the polls Tuesday, Nov. 6, one of the more complicated ballot measures is Proposition 115, which deals with Arizona’s judiciary.

Election_2012_logoUnlike many state measures which have no or minimal opposition, or others where two traditional factions have taken predictable stances, Proposition 115 has split the support from judges and lawyers with some on each side of the argument.

Proposition 115 is among the more complex measures on the ballot. It would essentially make seven changes to Arizona’s judicial system: lengthen terms, raise retirement age, give the govenor more power to select commissioners who nominate judges, increase the number of nominations for open seats, allow the same pool of candidates to fill more than one vacancy, require court orders be posted online, implement a legislative judicial review prior to an election.

For the full story, including point-by-point pro and con arguments for each of the seven changes, see the Wednesday, Oct. 3, edition of The Camp Verde Journal or the Cottonwood Journal Extra.