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Print Fort Verde Days winners announced
Written by Mark Lineberger   
Thursday, 21 October 2010 00:00

Miss 2010-2011 Teen Yavapai-Apache Nation Philana Grass, top, and princess Trina Honwytewa ride through capturing first place in the Our American Heritage category.Fort Verde Days was a good time for just about everyone who came to downtown Camp Verde earlier this month for the town’s biggest and oldest festival.

It might have been just a little bit sweeter for those who took home an award from either participating in the 54th annual parade or the festival’s art show that showcases local talent across a wide variety of media.

Anyone who wasn’t there “missed a great weekend,” according to Amber Polo, an organizer of the art show.

The theme of this year’s event was “Keeping Traditions Alive,” and that’s what some of the best entries exemplified.

Best of Show for the parade went to the staff at Fort Verde State Historic Park, the people who keep the reason the town exists in the first place in good shape, along with the dozens of volunteers who have helped keep the fort open to the public over the last year.

The awards for color guard went to the Verde Valley Marine Corps League No. 1176 and the Scottish American Military Society, bringing their versions of flair to the event.

Motorcycles are always a fixture in the Verde Valley, and the parade was no exception. The American Legion Riders, composed of American Legion members from the region who honor service members coming home, took first place in their parade category. Motorcyclist Chuck Barnes took the silver.

Parade entry and art winners

Best of Division: Fine Arts [Three-Dimensional]: Ray Harvey
Best of Division: Photography: Isabelle Lacey
Best of Division: Crafts: Betty Gaudy
1st – Lynette Kovacovich
2nd – Jennette Teets
3rd – Sandra Feingold
1st – Derek Reynolds
2nd – Juliet Myers
3rd – Rosemary Dery
1st – Jan Chandler
2nd – Sherry Alstrin
3rd – Jill Upton
Mixed Media:
1st – Debbie Gallagher
2nd – Karen Sellers
3rd – Vada Lovato
Colored Pencil:
1st – Pat Kaminsky
2nd – Deedy Gregg
3rd – Regina Griego
Pencil, Pen & Ink:
1st – Deedy Gregg
2nd – Diane Huston
3rd – Carol Oveross
Fused Glass:
1st – David Ellison
2nd – Lynette Kovacovich
3rd – Lynette Kovacovich
1st – George Alexander
2nd – Kathy Scherich
3rd – George Alexander
n Sculpture:
1st – Raymond Rybar
2nd – Jack Blum
3rd – Patty Buddeke
1st – Ray Harvey
2nd – Ray Harvey
3rd – Mary Lue Allen
Photography – Colored:
1st – Isabel Lacey
2nd – John Jenkins
3rd – Jerry Kennedy
Photography – Black & White:
1st – Douglas Ostroski
2nd – Ric Cisson
3rd – Ric Cisson
Fiber Arts:
1st – Betty Gaudy
2nd – Betty Gaudy
3rd – Tina Gales
1st – Raymond Rybar
2nd – Heather Bashon
3rd – Pat Kaminski
1st – Darl Ann Rector
2nd – Mary Darling
3rd – Darl Ann Rector






Fort Verde Days Student Art Show
Best of Show: Karry Gillman
People’s Choice: Karry Gillman
Best of Division: Fine Arts [Two-Dimensional]: Karry Gillman
Best of Division: Photography: Hailey Lake
n Best of Division: Ceramics: Lance Seur
1st – Rachel Costello
2nd – Kimberlee Hinkley
3rd – Christina Bourne
1st – Kim O’ Hara
2nd – Chloe Kramer
3rd – Lee Ann Stapleton
1st – Karry Gillman
2nd – Karry Gillman
3rd – Shia Lizotte
1st – Ryan Hudson
2nd – Jolynn Hartnell
3rd – Carson Sandoval
1st – Karry Gillman
2nd – Genevive Alagna
3rd – Aubrie Alvey
1st – Jennifer Lawson
2nd – Alysha Villa
3rd – Jennifer Lawson
n Photography:
1st – Hailey Lake
2nd – Aimee Oium
3rd – Karissa Candelaria
n Ceramics:
1st – Lance Seur
2nd – Sarah Latham
3rd – Travis Raske

Additional parade winners by category
1st – Camp Verde School Bus Yard
2nd - Los Ninos Preschool
1st – National Bank
2nd – Bashas’
Our American Heritage:
1st – Miss Teen Yavapai-Apache Nation
2nd – Deesha Beauty
Mini Fun:
1st – Jerry Vojenick
Antique Auto:
1st – Billy Bridge
2nd – Classic Picture Framing
Those Who Serve:
1st – Parkside Community Church
2nd – Bread of Life Mission
1st – Mingus Mountain Shrine Club
2nd – American Legion Post No. 93
School Extracurricular:
1st – Camp Verde Middle School
2nd – FFA
Historically Correct:
1st – VFW Post No. 6739
2nd – Fort Verde State Historic Park staff

Camp Verde being Camp Verde, there was no doubt a sizable contingent on horseback. For mounted groups, the U.S. Forest Service took first place, and second place went to the Rio Verde Roverettes, a group that has excelled in equine-based competitions across the state for the last 35 years.

For those with a single steed, Camp Verde resident Tony Gioia took first place, dressed in his 19th century period uniform atop Prince. Second place went to D.W. Welding riding Shawnee.

Of course, with horses, there had to be a follow-up first-place road apple crew. The honors this year went to Caylee, Brody and Kimberely.

For those without a ride, either on four wheels or four hooves, the Yavapai-Apache Nation’s Crown Dancers took top honors, followed up by local Cub Scout Pack No. 7193, who carried messages in support of the country’s veterans.

The art show is also a welcomed part of the weekend event’s festivities, and many were recognized for their talents and abilities by the judges.

The event was organized by the Camp Verde Arts Council, and visitors had the say with their votes to pick the winners in both the adult and student categories.

The top award went to Deedy Gregg for her pencil drawing “Abe Lincoln,” along with the award for the most popular work of art.

Linda Goldenstein, a judge in the show, said she was impressed by the talent on display.

“Making the choices was one of the hardest in my art career,” Goldenstein said. “Every artist who entered did an excellent job and I encourage them all to keep creating.”

Trophies and ribbons that haven’t been handed out yet can be picked up at Sweet Grace restaurant on Hollamon Street, or call 300-7077 for more information.