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The city of Cottonwood will be offering lower fares for military veterans who want to ride Cottonwood Area Transit, a bus system that travels regularly around town and links up with other transit systems in the Verde Valley.Barb Williams is a driver for the Cottonwood Area Transit and Verde Lynx bus systems. Cottonwood is working to keep bus fares low for veterans and other groups at both the CAT system, and its sister bus the Verde Lynx.

Cottonwood’s population is growing by 2.1 percent per year and the city is hoping to stay on top of that trend by preparing for the future.The city of Cottonwood is looking at a five-year plan to enhance the economy, which will include providing jobs, including construction. A worker used a backhoe to dig channels for infrastructure for a new senior apartment complex on Mingus Avenue and Candy Lane.

Last week, the Cottonwood City Council approved a five-year economic strategic plan dubbed “Focus on Success.”

Traffic had to be rerouted in Cottonwood Sept. 15, after a concrete mixing truck suffered a serious structural failure.Last week at the corner of State Routes 260 and 89A, a concrete truck headed to Sedona had the concrete cylinder detach from the truck, nearly rolling off. A crane was used to lift the cylinder, filled with 40,000 pounds of concrete. Before the crane could start safely, linemen had to insulate the nearby power lines.

The truck, operated by Camp Verde-based Arizona Jobsite Concrete, was making a right turn onto State Route 89A from State Route 260 a little before 1:30 p.m. when the bolts and metal holding the large rotating concrete mixer gave way.

The Cottonwood City Council has initially approved a zoning change that would allow additional development at a local apartment complex, allowing for the construction of condominiums.The Skyline Apartments sit on property that is slated to be redeveloped for new housing. The redevelopment in the compact space is drawing concerns from neighbors. About 20 percent of people living nearby submitted a protest.

The Skyline apartments are off of Main Street near 16th Street.

Clarkdale is moving forward with an effort to bring the Clark Memorial Clubhouse into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, a 1990 law which, among other things, requires public buildings to be accessible to those with physical issues.The Clarkdale Clubhouse is getting renovations to make it Americans with Disabilities Act compliant. Clarkdale Public Works Director Wayne Debrosky is spearheading the project, and points out where the women’s restroom will be added in the Men’s Lounge.

It wasn't a huge concern when the historic structure was built in the 1920s but times have changed.

It may still show on radar but Cottonwood police's new truck is still stealthy.Officer Cody Delafuente sits in the Cottonwood Police Department’s new truck. The Chevrolet Silverado is dark grey, with stealth markings, only visible from certain angles. The vehicle will be used for aggressive driving and DUI patrol.

The CPD received a Chevrolet Silverado to add to its fleet through a grant from the Governor's Office of Highway Safety.

Medical marijuana was approved by Arizona voters in 2010.Cottonwood Agricultural Services is a two-man operation run by Casey Waldrop, right, and Keoki Wing. If the 10,000 square feet restriction were to be lifted by City Council, the company would be able to create as many as 15 to 20 jobs.

It passed by just over 50 percent, but the vote meant that communities around the state had to prepare for a new legal industry.

The city of Cottonwood is starting the process of finding a new police chief.Cottonwood has begun its search for a new police chief. Jody Fanning, the current chief, announced his retirement in June, and his final day will be in January.

Current Chief Jody Fanning announced his retirement in June; his last day will be in January.

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