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The Cottonwood Police Department uses a system of video cameras in patrol cars and some that are worn by officers to record incidents.Officer Dan Villas of the Cottonwood Police Department points to the body cam on his vest. Located in the center of the chest, the camera will monitor both the actions of the officers as well as anyone they deal with.

It's the WatchGuard video system, Cottonwood Police Chief Jody Fanning said.

A wastewater treatment plant being built by the city of Cottonwood is going to cost more than initially projected.When wastewater comes into the treatment plant, it looks like the sample on the right. When it leaves as reclaimed water, it looks like the sample on the left. Cottonwood plans on adding a plant in Riverfront Park, but it is costing more money than previously anticipated.

The plant was initially projected to cost $8.5 million. The City Council previously voted not to exceed $10.1 million.

There may be a lot of dry river and stream beds here in the desert.A sizable crowd gathered in one of Cottonwood Recreation Center’s meeting rooms for a presentation on the Verde River. The presentation was about recent rulings on whether or not the river was navigable.

It doesn't matter so much how they exist today but rather their condition on Feb. 14, 1912.

Men and women have put on a uniform to serve this country through military service since the nation was founded. a groundbreaking ceremony will take place on Wednesday, July 22, at 2 p.m., for the planned Military Service Park, which will be located in Garrison Park. Planners of the park, from left, are DaveBoily, Alan and Linda Brecher, Dave Blauert, Larry Stover, Alice Stattman, Keith Vogler, Ron Luce, Ed Martinez, Geoff Ball, Doug Evenson, Terrie Frankel and Mayor Diane Joens.

To honor their service and sacrifice, a park dedicated to veterans will be built in Cottonwood.

No one knows exactly when they are going to die.Kelli Rojas, right, and Beverly Bauer, are caregivers at Verde Valley Community Hospice. The hospice is currently looking for volunteers to provide comfort to patients.

Knowing that the end is near, however, does have some advantages, as unlikely as that may sound.

It's still several weeks out, but the Cottonwood Public Library is gearing up for its annual author's forum.The Verde Valley is a community with many local authors, like Ann K. Metlay, who wrote “It Happened in the Cottonwood Library Parking Lot.” The annual author’s forum will happen on Saturday, Sept. 26, at the Cottonwood Rec Center.

The forum, started by the library in 2013, was thought up as a way to showcase the literary talent right here at home.

Barbara S. Dember, president and CEO of Verde Valley Medical Center, submitted her resignation effective Wednesday, July 15.Barbara S Dember President and CEO of Verde Valley Medical Center, announced her resignation.

"The VVMC Board of Directors gratefully acknowledges Barb's leadership and commitment to the communities served by Verde Valley Medical Center, and wishes her well in future opportunities," said VVMC Board of Directors Chairman Shawn Orme.

The town of Clarkdale is helping to fund a program that aims to teach children the importance of water, an especially valuable commodity here in the desert.Clarkdale will help fund a children’s water conservation program, educating them on water management in the desert. The program will teach them how to save water and use it wisely.

The Verde Natural Resource Conservation District was established in 1941 to help people in the Verde Valley make the best use of the land and resources they had.

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