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Swords and sabres might not be used that much in combat these days, but they've been a fixture with the military for millennia.Mark Cain goes over some of a sword’s anatomy: The rings on the scabbard are called lockets, and were used to suspend the blade from the waist. Recently, Cain began volunteering at Fort Verde Historic State Park, restoring a sword belonging to an officer of the time.

At Fort Verde State Historic Park, a few blades are kept on display that used to belong to officers stationed at the 19th century military post.

Elected officials and members of other public bodies have to walk a fine line when it comes to following the letter of the laws designed to give the public a window into what their government is doing.Assistant Ombudsman Kathryn Marquoit gave a presentation last week to the elected officials of the Verde Valley on open meeting laws. The meeting took place at Camp Verde’s Town Hall, and went over what can invalidate open meetings, and violations.

Arizona has an open meeting law that spells out what officials can and can’t do when it comes to making sure all public business is conducted in front of the public they serve.

Camp Verde Vice Mayor Bruce George resigned this month to avoid having the town pay for a recall election in March, but that election is still on the table following a judge's order.Camp Verde Vice Mayor Bruce George, right, stepped down from his position last week, in an effort to avoid costing the town money for a recall election. George then went back on his resignation, citing the same financial reasons.

Now George has changed his mind and has rescinded his resignation.

On Saturday, Nov. 14, VA medical centers across the country will participate in a first ever National Access Stand Down. A team of clinical leaders, administrators Department of Veterans Affairsand volunteers will be on site at every VA medical center, including VA Center in Prescott, to reach out to all Veterans waiting for urgent care and to make sure that we are meeting their health care needs.

In the wake of a dust up of the status of guinea fowl living in and around the Jordan Meadows neighborhood, the Town of Camp Verde re-examined its animal rules.According to the Camp Verde Marshal’s Office, a feral animal is one that was domesticated at one time but is no longer due to abandonment. While unlikely, this could technically apply to even horses if they were to get loose.

The goal was to make some definitions in the code more clear, with the idea of preventing future confusion down the road.

A new program to recognize local businesses for making their properties look nice is accepting nominations.Camp Verde is instating a beautification program that will congratulate businesses for keeping their property looking nice. The awards will be handed out quarterly, and is expected to start in January.

Camp Verde Town Manager Russ Martin said that if all goes well, he hopes to see the first winner sometime around January.

Tom Pitts has resigned as president of the Camp Verde Chamber of Commerce.Tom Pitts, former Camp Verde Chamber of Commerce  president, has stepped down from that position.

Pitts made the announcement at a recent Camp Verde Town Council meeting.

Statement from Bruce George:Bruce George

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