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Human trafficking is not, despite what many people believe, an issue far removed from our rural communities. In the last two years, both the Rotary Club of Sedona and the League of Women Voters conducted programs on human trafficking for their members, sponsoring education and eradication of human trafficking as national and international initiatives.Cindy Hensley Mccain will deliver a keynote address to the public during the Sedona Women’s “Bought and Sold: Modern Day Slavery” program Wednesday, Oct. 14.

It's understood that Chip Davis' roots in Yavapai County run deep - his ranching family has been here for nearly 140 years.Chip Davis, Yavapai County District 3 supervisor, is running for the District 1 seat of the Arizona House of Representatives.

And the strength of his connection to the community is evidenced in part by the dozens of plaques that fill the walls of his office, from the reception area to his inner sanctum - tokens of appreciation from the many groups he has worked with over his two decades as Yavapai County supervisor.

Shiloh Tichi used to work as a secretary at a pest control business.Shiloh Tichi used to work as a secretary at a pest control business. Now, she focuses on keeping things alive, running a florist shop in Cottonwood with her mother, Carol. Tishi’s favorite flower is the gardenia.

These days, instead of focusing on a business that keeps bugs dead, Tichi focuses on keeping things alive, at least for a little while.

Law enforcement is only recently getting better about how it responds to domestic violence, according to two police officers from the other side of Mingus Mountain.Matforce held a workshop last week about the signs of and prevention of domestic violence. MATForce Executive Director Marilee Fowler, right, opened the meeting, with Verde Valley Fire District firefighter Ivan Anderson also present.

Prescott Police Chief Jerald Monahan and Prescott Valley Police Detective James Tobin met last week with MATForce, a regional organization that focuses on combating substance abuse.

There are some people who have a talent for writing.A new writers’ group has formed in Beaver Creek, meeting at the Beaver Creek Public Library. Zoe McClary, one of the members, brought a hand-written manuscript to the first meeting. Her short story is about the first time a child meets an animal.

They just might not have a talent for getting motivated to write.

If it comes down to it, the Town of Camp Verde has the right to demolish structures that are deemed unsafe for habitation.Camp Verde is poised to tear down this mobile home for a number of violations. Surrounded by caution tape, the house at 3305 Ripple Road has been deemed fit for demolition, although the owner has been given additional time to bring it up to code.

While the town's elected leaders have been entrusted with that kind of decision, they aren't eager to just destroy private property without giving the owner a chance to come into compliance with town rules.

Homecoming was Friday, Sept. 18 for Camp Verde High School, whose football team played and won against Piñon High School. At halftime, the Homecoming king and queen were crowned. This year Lucy Showers is queen, and Joel Beauty is king.

This year Lucy Showers is queen, and Joel Beauty is king.

Find more photos of Camp Verde High School's Homecoming celebration in the Wednesday, Sept. 23, edition of The Camp Verde Journal.

Arizona law requires that Camp Verde come up with a new general plan every 10 years.B.J. Davis is the chairman of Camp Verde’s Planning and Zoning Commission. Davis informed Town Council where they stood in the General Plan process at a Town Hall meeting last week, pointing out each character area on a map, and noting the General Plan will define what is or is not appropriate for land use in each area.

The plan guides the direction the town would like to move in over the next decade.

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