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Anna Webster is originally from Camp Verde.Originally from Camp Verde, Anna Webster grew up in Bagdad. Now an adult, Webster works  alongside her sister, Emily, at a coffee and smoothie bar. Webster plans to attend Calvary Chapel Bible College to pursue a degree in theology, after which she hopes to work toward getting a master’s degree.

She didn’t stick around long, though, so it’s all a little new to her living here as an adult.

When she was a little girl, her family moved to Bagdad where her father had found a job.

“You can definitely tell it’s a mining town,” Webster said.

The Camp Verde Kiwanis Club is looking to draw children to a series of special events the group has planned for much of the rest of 2015.B.J. Davis, owner of The Fish’s Garden, carefully nets out a fish used in aquaponic farming. The Kiwanis Club is creating a children’s program that will include a series of field trips, including The Fish’s Garden.

The events will also give children a chance to do something a little out of the ordinary during their summer break.

The ground has been cleared and a fence has been put up.The Camp Verde community Library has been the subject of a series of construction talks, updating the community on the progress of the new building. Last week, construction estimator Linda Harkness, in charge of site work for McDonald Brothers, explained how a sieve analysis is conducted and shows what the soil is made of.

After design cost delays put construction of a new Camp Verde Community Library on hold for several months, the project is finally moving ahead.

The economic downturn that occurred over the last few years left a lot of businesses and organizations hurting.Fort Verde Historic State Park Ranger Robert Jennings, left, was recently promoted to full-time status. Standing with longtime Park Manager Sheila Stubler, the promotion marks the first time there has been two full-time rangers at the fort since 2008.

Not the least of those was the Arizona State Parks system, which saw its budget swept by the legislature.

A group of elected leaders and other land management officials has been working for more than a year to make real progress on myriad issues related to preserving the Verde Valley’s rich natural resources.After a short hike from Camp Verde’s Rezzonico Park, Shad Williams sets up on a secluded bank of the Verde River for an  afternoon of fishing. Camp Verde is working on ways to make the river more accessible for both residents, like Williams, and for tourists passing through the town, similar to what Clarkdale has done.

It’s called the Verde Front and draws on resources mainly at the local level.

Every child has talent and potential.The core belief behind Kids at Hope is that every child has some talent and potential. Kids at Hope’s banner was hung during the Children’s Celebration at Old Town’s Civic Center, as Hande Tufte led her Zumba Fit Kids in a performance for the audience.

That’s the core belief behind Kids at Hope, an Arizona-based initiative that has grown over the past two decades looking to make a difference in the lives of kids that otherwise might fall through the cracks.

Now the Camp Verde Community Library and the Camp Verde Marshal’s Office have signed on to participate.

Camp Verde’s government debt was lower than most other communities in the Verde Valley and Arizona at the end of the last fiscal year, according to a state report.Camp Verde has one of the lowest government debts in Arizona.

The town had $2.7 million in total debt, which figures out to be $249 per resident, ranking it 62nd and 74th, respectively, among 91 municipalities listed in the report.

The Beaver Creek community pulled together over the weekend to help raise money for the local public library.Karen Crownoble showed her enthusiasm by doing a cartwheel in the middle of the street during the Trek for Tech.

Specifically, the effort came together in order to support the library’s adult computer and technology classes.

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