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It was one of the most hotly-debated issues the Verde Valley had seen in several years: Smart meters.The Arizona Corporation Commission last month ruled that APS could not charge a monthly fee for those residents wishing to opt-out of having a smart meter.

In 2013, Arizona Public Service began replacing hundreds of thousands of analog meters on homes and multi-family dwellings throughout the state with advanced metering infrastructure, better known as smart meters.

Angela Myers has been in Camp Verde for quite a few years now.Angela Myers works as a bartender at Cliff Castle Casino, which gives her the opportunity to meet all sorts of people from many different places. When she’s not working, Myers spends most of her free time hanging out with her family.

She's not planning on staying for a whole lot longer.

Who knows an area better than the people who call it home?Jim Dion, National Geographic’s director of tourism programs, gives a presentation on the new geotourism campaign. Geotourism will allow people all over the world to see what Camp Verde has to offer.

National Geographic is banking on that while working with communities throughout Sedona and the Verde Valley to spotlight some of the attractions in this part of Arizona.

The Town of Camp Verde streets division finished up repairs around the cattle guard on Middle Verde Road as well as grading work along part of the road. Other grading was done on Old Highway 279 and Newton Lane.The Town of Camp Verde has completed a series of improvements around town. One of them was replacing the cattle guard on Middle Verde Road.

The town also reported that a bus stop near Homestead Parkway is already in place, while a second one near the Outpost Mall on Finnie Flat Road is in the works, along with minor drainage improvements to the area.

Overnight work scheduled next week at General Crook traffic interchangeArizona Department of Transportation

The Arizona Department of Transportation continues work next week on a project to repave a 12-mile segment of Interstate 17 between State Route 169 and the Middle Verde Road traffic interchange - mileposts 279 to 291. 

Eliza Talas has been coming to the area for years but has only recently become a Verde Valley resident.Tucked away off Cottonwood’s Main Street, a hand-painted sign guides people to Eliza Talas’ bead shop. Talas’ mother was a former girl scout leader, which led to her finding an early love of making crafts. Aside from being a lifelong fan of crafting, Talas said she’s an astrologer as well.

Tucked away off of Main Street, a hand-painted sign guides people to her shop.

The Town of Camp Verde is working with the Nature Conservancy to help recharge the local aquifer while working on drainage projects.Storm water washes down street gutters, following gravity to the lowest point it can find. Now the idea of using storm water to recharge aquifers is being discussed and may be implemented when the storm water drain system is revamped.

"This allows us to see the possibilities that are out there," Camp Verde Town Manager Russ Martin said.

The Town of Camp Verde has been recognized along with Yavapai County and Fort Verde State Historic Park for their partnership, mostly financial, which helped keep the park open through the economic downturn over the past few years.At Fort Verde’s ribbon cutting ceremony for moving to a seven-day-a-week schedule in February, Fort Manager Sheila Stubler called up some of the volunteers who have been with the fort through thick and thin. From left are Bill Stafford, David and Barbara Perriman, George Dvorak and Jim Sweitzer.

The fort has also been recognized for the efforts of its volunteers, which were crucial to keeping the park open.

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