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Alex Goetting, owner of Verde Brewing Company in Camp Verde, filed a police report when he started to notice the directional signs for his business going missing.“I’d put the signs out and they’d be gone within hours,” he said.

He later received a notice in the mail saying that he was being cited for a misdemeanor with the town.According to Camp Verde Planning and Zoning Ordinances and Subdivision Regulations, it is prohibited for signs to be placed in the public right-of-way.

Five years ago, a proposal to use groundwater near Chino Valley for a hydroelectric facility garnered attention from Verde Valley leaders. The project ended up falling apart but has appeared to rear its head once again.

“This time it’s looking like the people behind have the money to do it,” Clarkdale Mayor Doug Von Gausig said.He said though the project doesn’t directly affect municipalities in the Verde Valley, it would affect the Verde River. gIn September, Big Chino Valley Pumped Storage filed an application for a preliminary permit.

As Verde Valley taxpayers gather documentation for tax season, a slew of Internal Revenue Service phone scams has been reported to the Cottonwood Communication Center.Dispatchers themselves have been on the receiving end of these scam calls.

“Many of the citizens who reported [a scam] to the police department knew it was a scam but wanted to make us aware,” Cottonwood Police Sgt. Monica Kuhlt said in a media release. “Some called the number to see what they would be told.”

If he builds it, will they come?

For Eric Jurisin of the Haunted Group, the answer is “maybe” as he prepares for the grand opening of the Tavern Hotel expansion in Old Town Cottonwood.

The Cottonwood Civic Center in Old Town was built in the late 1930s as part of a Workers Progress Administration project. Today, almost 10 years after the end of the Great Recession, the city of Cottonwood has invested into a facelift of the space.

Currently, the building is inaccessible to the public. The space is expected to be a draw in Old Town for weddings and community events once completed.

The Camp Verde Unified School District Governing Board voted 4-1 on Tuesday, Feb. 13 to reassign Superintendent Dennis Goodwin to his home for the remainder of his contract after reconvening following an executive session.

In December, the board accepted Goodwin’s letter of intent to not seek a contract renewal. Goodwin’s contract expires on Saturday, June 30, and this is his third year as the district’s superintendent.

For Cottonwood Middle School math teacher Michael Gilboy, being a teacher is the closest he can get to being a rock star — without the money, of course.

“The respect in the community is there,” he said. “99.99 percent of parents hold you in high esteem. I have an advantage where I’ve been at it long enough that I’ve been able to build those relationships.”

Dutch Bros. Coffee may be getting a call from Camp Verde adolescents soon, following the second gathering of the youth council when it outlined priorities for future projects on Saturday, Feb. 10 at the Camp Verde Community Library.

The Town of Camp Verde, in partnership with the library, Parks and Recreation and Economic Development departments, is sponsoring the program which is still in its infancy.

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